b Tamil Peravai
b English Association
b Commerce Association
b Computer Science Association
 Religious minorities in Backward Class Scholarship
b This Scholarship is available subject to the income ceiling of Rs.1 lakh and merit in the +2 examinations.
 S.C. Scholarship of Government of Tamil Nadu
B To College insists on regular attendance of students.
B Attendance is marked each period including practical classes.
B Applications for leave in the specified form, duly signed by the parent / guardian and the H.O.D. must normally reach the principal in advance. Only in exceptional circumstances, applications for leave will be accepted after the student has resumed attending the College.
B A medical certificate from a qualified Medical Practitioner must be submitted, if the leave exceeds a week at a stretch, A student who continuously absents himself / herself for fifteen days without valid reason will have his / her name struck off the rolls.
B A Student who is absent without leave shall be fined at the direction of the Principal.
B Absconders from classes and habitual absentees shall be dealt with severely.
B The punishment may involve suspension or removal from the college.
B The College Library has a good collections of books.
B The Library - Cum - Reading Room is open to all students and the members of the staff of the College.
B It will be kept open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on all working days.
B Students can borrow two books at a time on production of Library Cards and they are entitled to keep them for 30 days.
B A fine of 25 paise per book, per day shall be levied from those who fail to return the books intact on the due date.