National Merit Scholarships - Government of India Scheme
b A Fixed number of National scholarships are sanctioned to students belonging to this state who are prosecuting their studies in 11th, 12th, Degree, and Professional Courses and who obtained atleast 50% of marks in aggregate. The lists of Students are obtained based on the merit from the Examining bodies. Students whose parents satisfy Means Test are awarded scholarships every month are those who do not satisfy are paid a prize amount of Rs.100/- and a merit Certific.ite, provided they are not in receipt of any other scholarship. Their annual income should not exceed Rs.25,000. There is no income limit in the case of P.G. Course.
 State Scholarships to Children of School Teachers
b Children of school teachers are awarded Scholarships provided their parental income does not exceed Rs. 15,000/- There is no income limit in the case of PG courses. Applications are invited through leading daily news papers and the applications received are consolidated and a merit list is drawn up.
 State Government Merit Scholarship Scheme
b The Government of Tamil Nadu in G.O. Ms. No.2145 Educational Science and Technology dated 30th September 1982 have instituted a new scheme of scholarship from the academic year 1980-81 for the benefit of Brilliant students who come first in the S.S.L.C. / AISLS / Matriculation, Indian council for Secondary Education and Central Board of Secondary Education Examinations and whose parental income exceed Rs.25,000/- per annum and who are not eligible for the monetary benefits under the Government of India National Scholarship Scheme.
The above State Merit scholarship is tenable for 10 months in a year from Post - Metric stage upto the Post Graduate stage of education.
 Freedom Fighters Scholarships
b Students whose parents have participated in the emancipation of India and have underwent three months imprisonment are eligible for the award of the schol¬arship scheme besides fee concessions for their studies in College and Professional Courses of Studies.
 Children of Defence Service Personnel
b Children of dependents of Service personnel and Ex-servicemen are awarded scholarships and fee concessions subject to certain terms and conditions.
 The Children of Repatriates from Sri Lanka
b Children of Repatriates from Sri Lanka studying in college are awarded scholarships and fee conces¬sions subject to certain terms and conditions.
 National Loan Scholarship
b This is a Merit - Cum - Mean based scholarship. The Parental income should not exceed Rs.15,000/- per annum. Applications are invited every year by notifications in leading dailies.
 Adhoc Merit Grant Scheme
b An amount of Rs.300/- is sanctioned to students belonging to S.C., S.T., and converted Christians and studying the first degree course after passing Higher Secondary Examination in the first attempt securing not less than 60% of aggregate marks. There is no income limit and no further renewal.
 State Collegiate Scholarships
b Under this head the following scholarships are being sanctioned.
1. General, 2. Post Graduate, 3. Special for Languages, (Tamil & Telugu) 4. Special for Muslims, 5. Special for widows, 6. Special for Oriental learning
7. Special for Lady Wilingdon Training College, Chennai,
Special for Q.W.C. and, 9. Award of Anglo Indian Scholarships.
Students who do not get any other scholarships and whose parental income is below Rs.15,000/- per annum can apply to any one of the eligible scholarships through their Principals. A sum of Rs.2701- per annum will be sanctioned except S.No.6 for which Rs.135/- will be sanctioned.
 Free Education for Most Backward Classes and Denotified Communities
b Free Education to students belonging to Most Backward Classes / Denotified Communities upto degree level such as B.A., B.Sc., and B.Com., exempting fees and other compulsory fees such as Library fees and Laboratory fees payable by them irrespective of income of their parents / guardians with effect from 1989-90 onwards.
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